Work Together with Teachers and Students from the University to Build a Learning Base

At the end of July, 90 teachers and students from the Affiliated High School of Mcleley University in Uganda came to visit and study at Guoji Dream Town project, which is developed and constructed by Henan Guoji s subsidiary in Uganda. NBS reporter of the National Television Station also made report on the visit and study of the students.

At the project site, representatives of Henan Guojis subsidiary in Uganda explained the details of decoration design, functional zoning, usage and property service management in the community to the students in detail. In the area under construction, the engineer showed the students the construction procedures and materials, and explained the details in the construction process and the methods to control the construction quality. The students also actively asked questions and participated in the discussion. On that day, Guoji Dream Town became an active on-site classroom.


Guoji Dream Town is one of the largest and most high-end communities in Uganda. The project adopts high construction standards and advanced construction technology, excellent product quality, and its decoration design style in line with local cultural habits, which has won unanimous praise in the local area. Every year, many requests from universities and schools to visit and study on the project will come to the company, and every time, the company will carefully organize and arrange to provide opportunities for students to learn at the site. Students are the backbone of the country's future development, especially the students in the Department of architecture of Mcleley University. They are the leaders of the country's future construction industry. On the basis of theoretical study, they will carry out on-the-spot guidance study, which will have far-reaching significance and influence.   



This is the second time that the Affiliated High School of Mcleley University come to the project for learning since its visit last year. At the request of the University, Henan Guoji will sign a memorandum with the attached middle school of Mcleley University, which will establish Guoji Dream Town as the learning base of the University, and provide more opportunities for students to study on the spot every year.

Henan Guoji takes the practice of social responsibility as its own responsibility. While focusing on building a high-quality housing, the company also insists on actively contributing its own strength to the local society and community.

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